Real-time Presence

Hyper Room uses your VR headset’s microphone and motion sensors to transmit your voice and movements over the network.


VR: Virtual Rooms

Create rooms and invite your team mates and friends. Once they join you’ll see their avatars and hear their voices in real-time. Everything you make is instantly shared too!


Productivity Tools

Tools like whiteboards and 3d painting pens are available so you can communicate and collaborate effectively. Many more are coming soon!

Beta available now

Hyper Room is currently in public beta. You can download it now and use with your HTC Vive headset.


Questions? Remarks? Need a buddy to try Hyper Room out with? Email Yoshiki Schmitz at or tweet to @yoshikischmitz


Hyper Room is disrupting the physical office by providing a powerful virtual environment for collaboration, regardless of your physical location. With a VR headset and motion controllers, users can remotely access virtual rooms where they work together using sketches, whiteboards, and many other productivity tools. Voice, movement, and room state are transmitted and synchronized in real time so it’s like being in the same room together. And thanks to the flexibility of VR, aspects of it are even better than working face-to-face.